Sunday, February 1, 2009

Poetry Break: "Love Don't Mean" by Eloise Greenfield

"Love Don't Mean" by Eloise Greenfield from Honey, I Love and Other Poems by Eloise Greenfield, illustrations by Diane and Leo Dillon, from Harper Collins Publishers, NY, 1978.

Intro: Display a large, red heart with pictures on it from magazines that show society's view on love. Examples could be couples, wedding rings, families. Discuss with children how their families show love. Should people only talk about love at Valentine's Day? How else can a person show love without buying flowers, candy, or jewelry?

Read poem "Love Don't Mean" by Eloise Greenfield.

Love Don't Mean

Love don't mean all that kissing
Like on television
Love means Daddy
Saying keep your mama company
till I get back
And me doing it.

Discuss how the father and the child show love to the mother in this poem.

Extension: provide red and white construction paper and lace doilies for children to write a way to say what love means to them and display on wall or allow children to take home.

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