Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nine Swallows: A Haiku by Jane Yolen

"Nine Swallows: A Haiku" by Jane Yolen from Count Me a Rhyme: Animal Poems by the Numbers with photographs by Jason Stemple, Wordsong, Honesdale, Pennsylvania, 2006.

Intro: Show a globe of the world and locate Japan. If able, show photos of old Japan showing rice paper houses, Japanese tea ceremony, and sample of writing. Discuss the culture of Japan and introduce the Haiku form of Japanese poetry.

Poem: Nine little swallows,
Like notes on a music staff,
Wait to sing their songs.

Extension: show students Haiku pattern of syllables 5-7-5. As a group, try to create another Haiku using another animal from the book Count Me A Rhyme: Animal Poems by the Numbers by Jane Yolen. Encourage students to write more Haiku and bring to library to display on special poetry bulletin board.

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