Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Bully by Douglas Florian

"The Bully" by Douglas Florian from Bing Bang Boing, poems and drawings by Douglas Florian, Harcourt Brace and Company, San Diego, 1994.

Intro: Display the word "Rules". Ask students to discuss what the word means. Discuss why society, schools, and even families have rules. Discuss basic school and classroom rules.

Read the poem:
There's a bully in our class--
He pushed Polly in the grass.
He kicked Kevin in the shin
And poked Peter with a pin.
On the arm he pinched Louise.
How Lucille he loved to tease.
He stole all of Johnny's money
And thought tripping Todd was funny.
Poor Marie, he pulled her hair.
Harold's homework he did tear.
He gave Alistair a punch
And ate Marguerita's lunch.
Then one day he hit Clarisse--
May his poor soul rest in peace.

Extension: Together create a poster to display in school's classrooms with suggestions on what to do if you are bothered by a bully. Make several copies for students to decorate and display.

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