Friday, September 19, 2008

Seven Blind Mice

Young, Ed, Trans. 1992. Seven Blind Mice. New York: Penguin Group. ISBN 0399222618

Plot Summary
A retelling of the Indian fable depicting blind men discovering an unfamiliar creature and their individual interpretations. This time the characters are colorful mice who again, insist their explanation of the Something is the only true one, until the last mouse explores the object and puts together correctly all the clues that reveal the unknown creature is actually an elephant.

Critical Analysis
Ed Young provides a brightly colored retelling of the classic fable of the blind men and the elephant. Illustrations of glowing colors set against a black backdrop keep a reader interested. The mouse moral at the end of the story is written in simple enough language that young readers will be able to understand an appreciate the lesson to be learned.

Review Excerpts
"Immensely appealing." - The Horn Book, starred review
"Exquisitely crafted: a simple, gracefully honed text, an appealing story, and outstanding illustrations and design- all add up to a perfect book." - Kirkus Reviews, pointer review

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